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Handling of Personal Information

Definition of Personal Information

In these terms, personal information is information that voluntarily provided in response through this website including the user’s name, address, phone number, fax number and email address, from which an individual can be identified.

Obtaining Personal Information and Purpose of Utilization

Obtaining Personal Information and Purpose of Utilization
We obtain the personal information based on definition of the purpose. The personal information which is provided will be used only to the following.  
• To send the confirmation of application and/or offer for various events.
• To respond to the inquiry about variety of services and/or proof of identify.
• To enhance each of our service, we draw statistical data from information which cannot identify an individual but is based on the personal information which has been provided, and we may use this data without limit action.

Control of personal information

We make an effort to take appropriate security measures to protect against leakage, unauthorized access and etc. We may disclose the personal information to trusted partners who strictly agree to the terms of our privacy policy.

Provision of Personal Information to a third party

We shall not provide personal information to a third party except the following cases;
• Cases in which the provision of personal information consent.
• Cases in which we provide trusted partners to the extent necessary.
• Cases in which we disclose or provide for statistical data from information which cannot identify an individual but is based on the personal information.
• Cases in which we receive a legal inquiry from a court, the police, or any other judicial or government agency, or the equivalent.

Reference, Changing and deleting your personal information

Please tell us if you want to refer, change and delete the personal information you provided. After identification confirmation is performed, we will take appropriate measures according to the situation.


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